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Spinal Infections

Patients with Spine infections may have only minimal back/neck pain in the initial period. However this pain unlike a normal muscular back pain continues to increase. If left untreated spinal infections can increase rapidly leading to spinal instability due to bone loss and weakness in arms and legs due to compression of neural structures. If spinal infections are detected before the stage of spinal instability and weakness in limbs they can be treated without the need of surgery. However once weakness of legs sets in surgical options should be explored as decompressing the neural structures and stabilizing the spine can not only prevent further weakness but infact can help regain the lost power in legs and arms. Another common issue that comes in the treatment of spinal infection is the empirical use of tuberculosis medication. Although it is true that the most common spinal infection is tuberculosis of spine but not all spinal infection are tubercular in nature, thus a biopsy to prove the nature of infection is a very essential part of any treatment programme.

Spinal Infections

Treatment Options

1. Biopsy followed by non surgical treatment.
2.Posterior spinal fixation and decompression.

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