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Pain Management Injections In Spinal Disorders

Most of the times when a patient says that I have had spinal injection for pain management it is seen that they have had an epidural injection and somewhere in the general perception pain management is considered same as epidural injections.

Spinal pain management injections are used in two ways. First, they can be performed to diagnose the source of back, leg, neck, or arm pain (diagnostic). Second, spinal injections can be used as a treatment to relieve pain (therapeutic).

At our centre we provide state of the art pain management in form of site- specific injections instead of the general epidural injections, we specialize in selective nerve root blocks, Facet joint blocks, pars interarticularis injections, ganglion impar blocks and many more. All our injections use triple confirmation  technique for accuracy 


Pain Management Injections In Spinal Disorders

(1) C – arm positioning of needle

(2) Clinical correlation with patient pain

(3) Confirmation using radio-opaque dye Images attacted.

Most spinal injections are performed as one part of a more comprehensive treatment program. Simultaneous treatment nearly always includes an exercise program to improve or maintain spinal mobility (stretching exercises) and stability (strengthening exercises) in addition to medications for pain control and soothing of inflamed nerves.

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