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Osteoporotic Fracture

Osteoporosis is a disease in which the base structure of bones becomes less dense and leads to weakness of bones. Per se the disease is a painless condition and mostly remains silent and can be diagnosed with the help of screening test, however when there is a fracture of a spinal bone as a result of untreated osteoporosis it can be a severely painful condition. Most osteoporotic fractures can be managed conservatively with use of special belts, nasal sprays and bone forming medicines. However a minor proportion of patients might have persistent symptoms even after 6-8 weeks of a good conservative trial. Such patients might occasionally develop some weakness of lower limbs too. Such patients who have significant persistent pain or start developing weakness require surgical treatment. Surgical treatment can be done in form of

3.Fixation with cement augmented screws.

Osteoporotic Fracture
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