Growing Rods And VEPTR Surgery

When spinal deformity occurs in particularly young patients (Early onset scoliosis <5 years of age) the goal of treatment is not just to correct the deformity but it is also mandatory to allow for continued growth of child’s spine so as to help in proper development of lungs and overall growth of child. For such special scenarios we have two special techniques to achieve these goals.

1. Growing rod construct
2. VEPTR system

The main principle behind these surgeries is that in the initial surgery the pedicle screws(anchor points are placed and are connected with two set of rods. A significant correction of deformity is achieved and also some lengthening is done at this stage. This is followed by expansion procedures at 6 monthly interval so as to help the child’s lung and spine in growth process. After about 8-10 such expansion cycles when the child’s lung reach maturity level at that time final correction and fusion procedure is performed.

Growing Rods And VEPTR Surgery
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