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Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Both endoscopic discectomy and microdiscectomy are modern minimally invasive procedures designed for treatment of patients with sciatica symptoms secondary to disk prolapses. In a microdiscectomy a microscope is usually used to help in removal of offending disc causing pressure on nerves. Main advantage of such procedure is the magnified view provided by the microscope helps in better identification of nerve root and disc. It also reduces the risk of nerve root handling.

The second type of minimally invasive procedure is endoscopic disectomy in this procedure the main focus is on reducing the skin incision and muscle trauma. Which helps reduce post operative pain and helps in early mobilisation, there is some degree of magnification of nerve roots and disc due to the use of endoscopic camera and the requirement of nerve root handling is lesser than open surgery.


We are providing both microdiscectomy and endoscopic disectomy services to our patients. The technique of endoscopic disectomy that we use is called a unilateral biportal endoscopy. This technique has advantages such as being the least invasive type of endoscopic discectomy, provides the maximum manuverability and direct decompression under vision

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