Ankylosing Spondylitis

A frequently diagnosed condition this disease affects about 10 percent of general population. However the progression of disease is very variable. In certain cases where the disease progresses to fusion of spinal vertebras patient may experience the following spinal problems

1.Kyphosis- Excessive forward bending of spine leading to difficulty in lying down straight and may even have difficulties in looking straight ahead while walking.

2.Carrot stick fractures – Due to the disease process affecting the bones of spine for years the bones of these patients can become very weak and relatively small falls can lead to 3 column injuries in spine which are inherently unstable. Such injuries are often missed on X-rays and require the use of X-ray+MRI+CT scan in combination to make a proper diagnosis and are an indication for early surgical treatment. Delayed diagnosis and delayed treatment can lead to neurological deficits in form of leg and arm weakness.

Ankylosing Spondylitis

3.Andersons Lesion – Although the cause of this lesion is highly debatable with evidence in favour of it being a non-union/infection available in articles. The basic concern as a clinician is that the persistent movement and neural compression leads to weakness in legs and arms along with myelopathic symptoms. Such patients would require a long segment posterior fixation along with decompression surgery.

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